Q: In which areas or country do you deliver?
A: We deliver at each and every postcode area within Netherlands and Belgium.

Q: Do you deliver frozen items out side the Netherlands?
A: Yes. We also deliver in Belgium.

Q: If I order Hilsa or Rohu will you cut it before sending?
A: All individual big fish as Hilsa, Rohu, Katla we cut in pieces before sending it to you unless you tell us not to cut.

Q: Will you also clean the fish after cutting?
A: No, we only cut it in pieces. Cleaning is not possible as they remain frozen.

Q: If I place order how long it will take to deliver?
A: Orders placed Friday after 12pm to Monday 12pm are delivered Tuesday. Orders from Monday 12pm to Friday 12pm will be delivered next day.

Q: Can you call me before you come for delivery?
A: We don't deliver personally (except in and around the Hague) our delivery method is Postnl. After shipping your order, you get an email with track and trace link. With that link you can see the time slot of delivery by postnl.

Q: Why required amount for free delivery of fresh and frozen items are higher than regular items?
A: For fresh and frozen items we have to use special boxes what's bit expensive and the packing needs extra effort. We have to cover our costs to keep the service available.

Q: Are all fish in store fresh or frozen?
A: They are frozen and kept under -24 degree to keep their freshness.

Q: Why the cutted fish's are less in weight than I ordered?
A: When we cut the frozen fish there are some amount goes out as waste in cutting and the amount depends on fish and size of pieces.

Q: I forgot to order an item, can I order it via phone?
A: Yes, it's part of our customer services. Call us as soon as possible before we process your order for delivery.

Q: I miss a specific product, can you arrange it for me?
A: Yes, please email us or call us for anything you are missing in here. We will do our best to serve you even if it's not currently available in Netherlands. We can ask our importer to arrange it.

Q: I have got some extra items which I didn't order. Is it by mistake?
A: With almost every order we send something extra as our thanks, it's not mistake.