Britania Bour Bon

Britania Bour Bon
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Britannia Bourbon is a popular brand of chocolate sandwich biscuits that originated in India. The biscuits consist of two rectangular chocolate-flavored biscuits with a chocolate cream filling in between. The biscuits are embossed with the word "Bourbon" and are often enjoyed as a snack or a treat with tea or coffee.

Britannia Bourbon biscuits were first introduced in 1955 by Britannia Industries Limited, a leading Indian food company. Since then, they have become a staple in many Indian households and are also exported to other countries.

In addition to the classic chocolate flavor, Britannia Bourbon also offers other variations such as vanilla, strawberry, and orange cream filling. Britannia has also launched a low-fat version of the biscuit to cater to health-conscious consumers. Overall, Britannia Bourbon is a popular and delicious biscuit that has become a beloved snack for many people in India and beyond.