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Koi fish
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Koi fish (Cleaned in  frozen Ice block)

Koi fish, also known as Climbing Perch, is a freshwater fish species that is commonly found in the water bodies of South and Southeast Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is a popular food fish and is also often kept as a pet.

Koi fish has a tender and flaky texture, and it is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy food choice. It is usually prepared by frying, grilling, or cooking in curries with different spices and herbs, and it is widely consumed in South and Southeast Asian cuisine.

In some regions, Koi fish is also used for medicinal purposes, and its parts are believed to have several health benefits. For example, its scales are used in traditional medicine to treat skin ailments, while its gallbladder is used to cure liver and bladder problems.