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Hilsa Fish
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Hilsa, scientifically known as Tenualosa Ilisha, is a species of fish that is widely found in the rivers of South Asia, including the Padma River. The Padma River is one of the major rivers in Bangladesh and is known for being a significant habitat for Hilsa.

Hilsa is a popular and economically important fish in the region, cherished for its unique taste and nutritional value. It is a migratory fish, traveling upstream from the Bay of Bengal to spawn in freshwater rivers like the Padma. The Padma River, with its rich nutrients and suitable conditions, provides an ideal environment for the Hilsa to thrive.

Hilsa has a distinct silver-colored body with a slightly elongated shape, and it is renowned for its delicious and fatty flesh. The fish is especially prized for its unique flavor, which is enhanced by its natural habitat in the brackish water of the river estuaries. The Hilsa fish is a staple in the cuisine of Bangladesh and neighboring regions, and it holds cultural and culinary significance.

Harvesting and consumption of Hilsa are major economic activities for the communities along the Padma River, contributing significantly to the livelihoods of local fishermen. However, overfishing and environmental changes can pose challenges to the sustainable management of Hilsa populations, and conservation efforts are often undertaken to ensure the long-term survival of this iconic fish species.


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